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Accreditation Process

Christian Service Charities’ members are some of the finest, most respected, and most fiscally accountable charities in the country. Why? Because our members undergo a rigorous annual accreditation process designed to ensure compliance with high standards of accountability and transparency. We represent our charities to over 9 million potential donors, and we take our accreditation standards seriously to ensure that these donors are able to give with confidence to members of CSC.

After a thorough annual evaluation consisting of three reviews, our members are approved by both the CSC Board of Directors and the federal government’s Office of Personnel Management as charities that have complied with the high standards of the Combined Federal Campaign. We are proud to report that as a result of CSC’s rigorous application review process, 100% of our members have been accepted into the Combined Federal Campaign over the last 5 years.

Christian Service Charities’ stringent accreditation process creates an impressive list of highly qualified members. This is a group to which Christian charities are proud to belong and to which donors can give with confidence. Among other criteria, CSC members must demonstrate the following:



Christian Service Charities members are all recognized IRS 501(c)3 organizations with a current tax exemption status. CSC also requires members to provide their bylaws and articles of incorporation as further proof that they are a bona fide nonprofit organization.


Accredited members of Christian Service Charities comply with the United States generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards and undergo an audit by an independent accountant every year. They produce an annual IRS Form 990 detailing financial information about their organization. Christian Service Charities requires its members to demonstrate excellent financial stewardship by maintaining an Administrative and Fundraising Ratio (AFR) of under 25%. Members that do not meet this requirement must provide a satisfactory and detailed explanation.


Christian Service Charities requires members to provide substantial, direct services to residents of at least fifteen US states or one foreign country over a three-year period, and collects detailed data from each charity to confirm that these required services are being provided. CSC members must also certify and present evidence that their fundraising messaging accurately reflects their actual program services.


Christian Service Charities offers training for members on the Combined Federal Campaign and other topics related to workplace giving. CSC's 14-part webinar series is CFRE-accredited and provides vital training on the application, fiscal, and marketing aspects of workplace giving campaigns. CSC also offers an annual conference featuring sessions by industry leaders and topic experts as another way for members to fulfill the annual training requirement. The training benefits donors by ensuring that charity representatives are knowledgeable about Combined Federal Campaign requirements and how to serve donors throughout the campaign process.


Christian Service Charities is the only federation in the Combined Federal Campaign that requires its members to have a statement of faith demonstrating their commitment to biblical Christianity.



  • - Program services in fifteen or more states or one foreign country
  • - Tax exempt under IRS section 501(c)(3)
  • - Human health and welfare organization
  • - Accounts for funds on an accrual basis in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and independent audit that meets generally accepted accounting standards
  • - Prepares an IRS 990 or IRS 990 Pro Forma
  • - AFR of under 25% or satisfactory and detailed explanation of higher overhead
  • - Independent, uncompensated Board of Directors
  • - Does not sell or lease CFC contributor lists
  • - Truthful promotional activities
  • - Truthful use of funds
  • - Compliance with federal economic sanctions
  • - Statement of Faith