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Cadence International

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A Christian ministry transforming US military communities through evangelism, Bible studies, counseling, retreats and hospitality to singles, families, youth and children.

Program Overview

HOSPITALITY HOUSE:  At “a home away from home” Hospitality House, servicemen and women find an open door, a home-cooked meal, and people who listen, encourage, love, and point them to the hope of Christ. These may include Bible studies, singles groups, family-focused ministries, evangelistic outreach efforts, one-to-one discipleship, and coffee house ministries.


RETREAT MINISTRY:  We offer retreats where military individuals are given a weekend of rest, food, Bible teachings, as well as respite from their daily duties and training.


SINGLES’ MINISTRY:  Cadence offers many opportunities for single and unaccompanied men and women.  Men’s or women’s retreats, outdoor adventure trips, and specialized Bible studies are a few examples of our offerings.


CADENCE STUDENT MINISTRIES:  These leaders serve the on-base chapel as a youth pastor would serve a church in the U.S., starting with the youth in the chapel by building a safe community for them, equipping them to minister to their peers, engaging them in a meaningful relationship with their creator, and empowering them to use their gifts to minister wherever they go.


Cadence Children’s Ministry: Children’s staff exists to encourage, disciple, and minister to the children of those serving in the military. Through activities, local volunteers, and assisting the chaplains, staff are able to connect with students with the hope and message of Jesus Christ.


FOREIGN MILITARY MINISTRIES: Cadence currently reaches out to the military communities and security forces of Thailand, and Cambodia with a vision of eventually expanding to the entire  Southeast Asian region. Through professional development seminars, English classes, and social relief programs, foreign military and security force members are coming to know Christ.