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Child Evangelism Fellowship

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Evangelizing children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through classes and programs including After School Good News Clubs, Summer 5-Day Clubs and Bible Correspondence Lessons.

Program Overview

Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc. trains Christian workers to evangelize children worldwide.  We accomplish this through a very detailed learning program called Children’s Ministries Institute. These training institutes are held worldwide. CEF equips these workers to reach the children by writing, producing and distributing Christ centered teaching materials.  CEF supports these workers worldwide.  We are committed to helping our workers in different parts of the world present the need for resources within their own countries. However, in many countries, because of poverty or oppression, it is impossible to raise the needed support from within. For this reason we are committed  to building a connection between those who are called and equipped by God to do ministry and those who are blessed and able to provide for the finances needed to sustain it.