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Christian Military Fellowship

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Ministering to America's military and their families worldwide empowering them in their Christian faith, advancing Bible studies, linkups, mentoring, fellowship, resources, personal contact and encouragement.

Program Overview

CMF provides Bibles, books, printed religious education materials, and training to a network of volunteers.  We have full-time CMF Field Staff representatives located near military installations who provide Bible studies, family/individual counseling, mentoring, fellowship and support to military men and women. We print and distribute a monthly newsletter to encourage troops and their families and assure them of our support for their sacrificial service.  They may also submit their prayer requests for inclusion in CMF’s monthly prayer calendar.



  • FIELD STAFF –  CMF FIELD STAFF employees serve military personnel and families in military areas in their own area.
  • LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES – Volunteers conduct weekly Bible studies and other training at specific military locations.
  • HOSPITALITY CONTACTS – Volunteers provide free lodging in their homes to traveling CMF members .
  • DIRECTORY CONTACTS – Volunteers willing to be in the Worldwide Directory of CMF for fellowship.
  • WORLDWIDE DIRECTORY – CMF distributes a Directory of volunteers willing to be contacts for military personnel .
  • RESOURCE SHIPMENTS – CMF provides Bibles, Bible study materials & books to our members free of charge.
  • CARE PACKAGES – CMF purchases, assembles and ships care packages to our own deployed military members.
  • FUNDS FOR FAMILIES PROGRAM – CMF will provide monetary assistance, usually in gifts of  $500 to assist active duty personnel.CONFERENCE/SEMINAR SCHOLARSHIPS PROGRAM – CMF will sponsor various Scholarships for military personnel, many programs dealing with PTSD issues.
  • MONTHLY NEWSLETTER & PRAYER CALENDAR & DAILY ELECTRONIC PRAYER REMINDER – CMF publishes a monthly newsletter, usually with a free resource offer.
  • INTERACTIVE VIDEO SESSIONS – CMF has a program service whereby military personnel can have access to online teaching.
  • CHRISTIAN MILITARY WIVES PROGRAM – CMF now has a specific separate ministry to wives of military personnel with their own websites, and