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Five Talents USA

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Our mission is to fight poverty and transform lives of the poor through innovative savings and micro-credit programs; literacy, numeracy, business training and spiritual development.

Program Overview

Five Talents gives people the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty by providing access to basic savings and loan associations built on their trusted community traditions. We provide business training to help the poor start small businesses and begin to build their future. Five Talents supports indigenous institutions working in micro-enterprise development and work primarily through the following services and programs:

  • Consulting services, training and education for savings and business skills programs
  • Basic literacy and financial education programs for adults with no formal basic education
  • Formation of savings groups and community banks.

Five Talents provides operational oversight and financial support to, among others, its partners listed in ATTACHMENT A of the HHWS/DoS submission; the currently funded active programs operating in Bolivia, Burundi, Indonesia, Kenya, Myanmar, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.