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Focus on the Family

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Evangelical ministry dedicated to nurturing and strengthening families through practical, faith-based resources, media offerings and individual counseling geared toward preserving marriages and equipping p

Program Overview

MEDIA OUTREACH AND ONE-ON-ONE MINISTRY:  As a multimedia organization with radio broadcasts, websites, print publications, and numerous ministry initiatives, Focus on the Family reaches millions of people across the globe with sound, practical marriage and parenting guidance.  While our outreach’s primary vehicle for delivering our message is mass media, we are also given many opportunities to connect with people on a one-on-one basis.  Focus on the Family has received more than 750,000 contacts in the last year alone through our Family Help Center, and our staff of licensed counselors stands ready to speak by phone with callers who need help with sensitive and complex situations.  In the last year, Focus on the Family counselors fielded over 40,000 calls for help.  During these interactions we also are often able to make referrals to local counselors who are part of our specialized national network of Christian therapists.