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Home School Foundation

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Financial assistance and curriculum relief to struggling home school families. We invest in widows, single parents, special needs children, and military families. Give. Volunteer. Pray.

Program Overview

Children of Single Parents Fund:

To assist children of single parents who, through no fault of their own, experience financial hardship during their homeschooling years


Emergency Response Fund:

To respond quickly to the financial needs of homeschooling families experiencing a sudden crisis caused by natural disasters, accidents, and sudden losses.


Global Homeschooling Fund:

To promote homeschooling internationally by providing financial assistance to homeschooling families and organizations in other nations.


Group Grants:

HSF supports like-minded organizations that advance homeschooling across the United States.


Kids Curriculum Fund:

To provide curriculum to homeschooling families who are struggling financially to meet their children’s needs.


Members Helping Members Fund:

To assist homeschooling families who cannot financially afford HSLDA membership.


Military Fund:

To assist military homeschool families who are struggling financially to meet their children’s educational needs.


Patrick Henry College Scholarship Fund for HSLDA Members:

To reward academic excellence and exemplary leadership among HSLDA member students through tuition scholarships to Patrick Henry College. (This fund is no longer active as of 2011.)


Special Needs Children’s Fund:

To enable financially struggling homeschooling families to provide a quality education for their children with special learning needs.


Widows Curriculum Scholarship Fund:

To provide financial assistance so widows can continue homeschooling by helping them with the cost of curriculum and other emergency needs.