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To make Bible translation possible in the most remote and difficult places on earth, via aviation, land transportation, water transportation, technology, media, and training solutions.

Program Overview


JAARS provides resources for technology support. Advanced critical computer support, software development, and training are essential to the success of Bible translation, not only for ongoing communication needs and infrastructure development, but also for developing and maintaining efficient and effective linguistic tools.


JAARS provides resources for International Media Support (IMS). International media specialists help national translators use media tools that are culturally appropriate. God’s Word in the language of the people through video, audio, radio, filmstrips, or drama touches hearts and minds with His life-changing message. IMS exists to enhance and encourage access to Scripture and related materials through usable media which are appropriate for the situation, with a special focus on media that meet the needs of oral communicators.


JAARS provides for the transportation needs of translators wherever Bible less people are located—even to inaccessible areas!

We provide resources for safe, effective and economical transportation via land, air or water.