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Kinship United (Warm Blankets Orphan Care International)


Help transform the lives of orphans and widows who have lost everyone to war, disaster, disease, or poverty. Rescue them from refugee camps, garbage dumps, or abusive homes, and give them love, hope, and a future.

Program Overview

Kinship United works in 10 different countries to rescue and care for orphans and widows. As a Christian organization, our model starts with the church. Indigenous pastor-led churches are the foundation of each Kinship Project. By bringing orphans, widows, and refugees into the most important community: the church, Kinship United gives everyone the opportunity to thrive.

When you support Kinship United, you’ll be there when desperate orphans and widows need you the most. Whether it’s an emergency or just paving the way to welcome new faces into a Kinship, you will change a life!