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Navigators, The

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Provides a spiritual presence on military bases alongside chaplains, and brings hope to military personnel and their families through meaningful relationships with Jesus Christ.

Program Overview

Navigator staff assist base chaplains and teach at chaplain training sessions. Chaplains frequently ask Navigator staff to work with them to meet spiritual needs on bases and to offer training that results in greater self-discipline, ethical integrity, cooperation, confidence, courage, and concern for marriage and family. Local Navigator programs stimulate personal spiritual growth and character development of military personnel and families through small-group activities, personal mentoring/counseling, one-to-one training, seminars, conferences, and leadership development. Navigator staff focus on developing new approaches to help a broader cross-section of military personnel. Navigator staff are repositioned to new bases as a result of military downsizing and base closures. This includes team-staffing at major military concentrations and equipping volunteers to effectively help military men and women, resulting in more effective practical spiritual help to military personnel and families. While The Navigators focuses on spiritual help, mentoring, and development of military personnel and families, the results often positively impact and multiply into personal, physical, intellectual, social, and financial growth. The increased personal strength and maturity, social growth, resolution of problems, improved family relationships, and character development constitute a significant contribution to the welfare of the military community and improved military readiness.