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Officers’ Christian Fellowship

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Builds Christian leaders, families, and fellowships throughout the military society by offering Bible studies, resources, leader development, training, and conference center activities.

Program Overview

BIBLICAL FELLOWSHIP: Central to the fulfillment of OCF’s vision is local fellowships that take place in homes, workplaces, and specialty (e.g., marriage enrichment, women/men only) small groups. This is primarily where members are equipped and encouraged to

carry out their faith through professional excellence and in their home, church/chapel and community through ministries of outreach and service.

LEADER DEVELOPMENT: Equipping for biblical leadership is an essential part of the OCF ministry. Anchor Points training conference develops leadership skills in some of our most active and promising leaders.

Regional Training Conferences are designed to equip and encourage lay leaders where they are stationed.

Social Media Platforms are used to build virtual community by outreach to those seeking connection and answers to everyday questions related to leadership and family.

CONFERENCE CENTERS: OCF owns two conference centers located in Buena Vista, CO (Spring Canyon) and Manns Choice, PA (White Sulphur Springs). Both centers are available year-round for military service men, women, and families along with Christian groups and churches and served with a combined 20,261 camper days this year. From summer and winter retreats to leadership training and various programs and activities, the centers serve as a refuge for reconnecting with God. Scholarships are available and an endowment has been established to ensure enlisted and junior officers and their families have access.

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: In addition to Spring Canyon’s Summer Celebration and White Sulphur Springs Summer R&R, both conference centers’ outdoor activities – some age appropriate – include rappelling, ropes course, rafting, mountain climbing and biking, horseback riding, and other outdoor sports! Spring Canyon offers extraordinary summer opportunities for teens and college age students. Rocky Mountain High (RMH) is an eight-day wilderness adventure focusing on Christ and leadership skills that reflect Him. This unique program, designed for midshipmen, cadets, members of ROTC detachments and junior military officers, imparts a vision to integrate the Christian faith while serving in the military. Father/Teen Adventure is an eight-day program for dad and son or daughter to build healthy relationships. White Sulphur Springs outdoor programs concentrates on grade school and high school youth. Allegheny Outback! (AO) High School Adventure and Jr. Allegheny use challenging adventures to bring participants into an understanding of the reality of Jesus Christ and encourage them to become more like Him. Camp Caleb serves grades 5-8 and Caleb Jr. centers on grades 3-4. Camp Caleb aims for each child to be led by godly counselors using biblical lessons so that the child might leave with an excitement about Jesus Christ.

SPIRITUALLY SMART FAMILY CONFERENCES: This conference focuses on addressing special stresses caused by service separations, military deployments, and marital strain. Topics include conflict resolution, parenting tips, re-integration, and staying close while apart.