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The Voice of the Martyrs, Inc

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Serving over 4 million persecuted Christians in 68 nations by empowering, equipping, rebuilding and encouraging; bringing Christ's hope through Bibles, medicines, shelter, training and aid.

Program Overview

A Few of our international projects include:

  • Action Packs- For a $7 donation, you can receive one Action Pack bag to fill with items that clothe and spread the love and warmth of the gospel of compassion to entire families in Pakistan, Sudan, and Iraq.
  • VOMedical- This program provides urgent health care and quality surgery to Christians suffering severe persecution in restricted and hostile areas around the world.
  • Bibles Unbound – Through the Bibles Unbound program, you can send Bibles to Christians who need them and who have requested them. When Bibles Unbound workers learn of a need, we open an operation on, where you can view the need in a specific location. You can sponsor Bibles in multiples of five through a recurring monthly donation. A donation of $6 per Bible covers the cost of printing and delivering each Bible. Each month, your “Missions page” on will be updated with the names of those you have provided Bibles. •Families of Martyrs- This fund is used to help believers who have been imprisoned for their faith support their families until they can find alternative means of support.
  • Bibles to Captive Nations- Christians residing in restricted nations are often denied access to Bibles. This fund helps VOM print and smuggle Bibles to believers- in their own language- who would otherwise live their lives without ever reading the word of God.
  • Front Line Ministry-This fund was developed to directly assist pastors, evangelists and Christian workers who minister in the face of hostility and persecution. These workers bravely preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in restricted and hostile nations at the risk of severe consequences. The support that they need is often unique. They may need horses that are able to carry loads at high altitudes or sponsorship of an underground leaders’ seminar. Other times they may simply need a quality bicycle or solar-powered video projector to assist them in their ministry. This fund may also be used to provide direct support to the workers and their families.
  • Where Needed Most- This fund supplements the other major funds and provides for general expenses covering all areas of VOM’s ministry and operations. The fund also has the flexibility to finance unforeseen needs and urgent projects, according to the demands and opportunities.