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Unbound empowers children in poverty to use education to pave a pathway to their dreams. We partner with their families to create a brighter future.

Program Overview

Unbound has offices in 20 developing countries around the world serving those living in poverty. Unbound works through a model of decentralized decision making. We involve sponsored friends and their families with decisions regarding what benefits they receive. Each person is unique and has unique needs. Having their voices heard regarding those needs helps build confidence.

Unbound is committed to helping students stay in school and complete their education so they can break through the bonds of poverty. We help sponsored youths and scholarship recipients understand that the best way to help their families is to finish school. It is not uncommon for youths in developing countries to leave school for work to help their families make ends meet.

The Scholarship Program was created to help deserving youths reach their dreams for higher education or vocational training. These young women and men are committed to helping their families and communities, and they become mentors to younger children. Scholarship recipients must maintain good grades and fulfill requirements for community service to be eligible for the program.