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World Concern-A Division of CRISTA Ministries


A global relief and development agency that focuses on disaster response, clean water, education, food security, child protection, microfinance, and health.

Program Overview

World Concern’s worldwide workforce consists of thousands of employees, volunteers, international partners and donors who work together to help communities become self-sustaining.

Type of Programs

  1. Livelihoods, Community Development — Agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, capacity building of local organizations, housing, education and training, water and sanitation. 2.
  2. Economic Development — Microcredit, business development services, Financial Service Associations, Micro loans, and Savings Groups. 3.
  3. Disaster Response — emergency services, Internally Displaced People/refugee camps, rehabilitation, and disaster risk reduction. 4.
  4. Child Protection — prevention of trafficking, and rehabilitation. 5.
  5. Non-Clinical Health — malaria prevention, deworming/vitamins, people with disabilities, clinics, maternal/child health, HIV/AIDS prevention, awareness & palliative care, and medical supplies.

Primary Countries Served: Africa –Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Chad Asia – Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam Haiti