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All accredited members of Christian Service Charities participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The CFC is the world’s largest workplace giving campaign, giving millions of federal, military, and postal employees the opportunity to donate to the charities that matter to them. The CFC raises over $250 million annually to support charities serving people around the world.

To qualify for participation in the CFC, charities must be 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations that provide health and human services, and must submit to extensive yearly review of their financial and governance practices prior to acceptance. Organizations that qualify will be listed in the CFC as either a local, national, or an international unaffiliated organization, or as a member of a local, national, or international federation. Christian Service Charities is a national and international federation, supporting charities that provide services throughout the United States and around the world.

Christian Service Charities supports its members in the CFC in a variety of ways. CSC provides training and application review services to ensure that each member meets the CFC participation guidelines and completes the application correctly. During the fall campaign season, CSC staff attend campaign events on behalf of member charities, educating donors about the mission and impact of each member. Finally, CSC collects and disburses funds raised in the campaign to member charities. All these efforts – and many others – are designed to simplify the CFC process for charities and maximize donations received from the campaign.