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Access to Clean Water Saves Girls From Hyenas in Africa

Global Aid Network

In the early, dark morning hours, having risked hyena attacks and the danger of rape in order to reach the river, young girls and women kneel at the river’s edge, filling buckets with the dirty water. They will take the water home to use for drinking, cooking, and bathing — water that will plague the people with parasite-borne illnesses. Near other villages in the area, young children dig deep holes in the ground and wait for seeping water to fill them. They scoop the water into buckets and then wait again for more water to ooze into the holes. These are the scenes the GAiN team encountered during an assessment of this region in Africa.

Cru® national staff members longed to serve in this area of less than 10 percent Christians, but needed a way to connect with the communities. They asked GAiN to partner with them. The assessment made it clear that providing clean water sources was the answer.

GAiN drilled wells for the community that solved their water needs. National staff members used the opportunity opened by this act of kindness to invite members of the community to a seminar.

As a result, the work of the national team grew and their effectiveness was increased. Out of gratefulness for the wells, the community even donated a piece of land for a new church building.

Two partner organizations have been asked to join in expanding this project. Additionally, GAiN plans to drill more wells to serve the physical needs of the people in the community and to assist our national staff members as they introduce the eternal hope of Jesus at every opportunity.