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Emergency Disaster Relief

Blesssings International

Disasters can occur at any moment, in any part of the world.  Blessings International stands ready to help the suffering by supplying emergency medical relief teams with the pharmaceuticals and medical supplies they need to save lives when catastrophes strike.

Just last year, Haiti and other Caribbean countries were devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Within hours Blessings was involved, equipping several relief groups with medicine to transport to Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba. In the thirty days following the hurricane, Blessings shipped 3,020 lbs. of medicine to 36 relief teams providing emergency support.  Cholera, dysentery, and malaria are diseases that could spread rapidly whenever there is flooding. Preventing and treating these diseases with the right medicine at the right time may have helped to save countless lives.

Medical relief teams received critically important medication at no cost to them to treat victims of Ecuadorian earthquake, and the tropical storm in Dominica.  Blessings is also at work to help the refugees in Syria, Ukraine and Nigeria.