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Kindness in the Midst of Grief

Global Aid Network

“The gunshots are outside, and my kids are hiding in the bathroom!” shouted Samuel over a broken phone line. Samuel serves as one of our national team leaders for an African country embattled by civil war. Shortly after that phone call, he and the entire staff team were evacuated to a nearby country. Sadly, Samuel’s wife passed away shortly after their arrival there. For many in his situation, these blows would have led to defeat — but not Samuel. Instead, he immediately began seeking how to care for those from his country who now lived in the refugee communities.

Several weeks later — along with GAiN — Samuel, his staff team, and staff members from the country of refuge held vision clinics for the refugees. For five days, they joined a local hospital and two churches to minister through the clinics. They not only provided eye exams and glasses, but they also distributed clothing shipped by GAiN. These efforts led to more than 1,800 people hearing about the eternal hope of Jesus.