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In February 2017, an EF3 tornado tore through New Orleans East, damaging or destroying more than 700 homes.

“My house looked like a war zone. It was very scary,” said Christine, a homeowner from New Orleans East. “Everything was gone and we had to gut the house. I had to start all over.” Christine had already rebuilt as a result of Hurricane Katrina. Once again faced with an overwhelming task, she had a panic attack upon seeing her damaged home.

As Christine and more than 700 other families emerged from the devastation of the tornado, U.S. Disaster Relief—the domestic disaster relief wing of Samaritan’s Purse—deployed a unit to New Orleans East and sent out a call for volunteers.

The mother of three and grandmother of five began praising God when U.S. Disaster Relief teams pulled up to her house. “I knew He was going to send help,” she said. “God said He would never leave us or forsake us.”

Our volunteers helped Christine tarp her damaged roof and clean up the debris strewn about her property. As they prayed with her and worked on her home, Christine’s resolute faith encouraged the hearts of our staff. “No matter what you’re going through, hold on to God,” she said. “He is a restorer.”

Christine’s is one of 133 families served by U.S. Disaster Relief in the New Orleans response. We praise God that thirteen people came to know Christ through this deployment.