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Senidie Amara – Ethiopia

Food for the Hungry

Senidie is a 25-year-old woman who lives in Ethiopia with her husband and their four children. Senidie and her husband struggled to feed their children healthy and nutritious foods as they didn’t know how important vegetables are. They also lacked access to agricultural training.

Then, while Senidie was pregnant with her fourth child Seblework, she joined a savings group for mothers. The group had 15 pregnant and lactating members. Every two weeks they met to collect group savings and receive training on health and nutrition from FH staff and facilitators.

Along with the health and nutrition training in the program, FH provided carrot, bitterroot, cabbage, and potato seeds to the mothers. Senidie learned the importance of vegetables in her family’s diet. She also learned how to plant and grow a successful garden. In addition to feeding her family vegetables, she is now able to sell produce in the market. This additional income
means she is able to buy clothes, soap, and other household needs for her family.

Today, her family is healthy and continues to plant new crop varieties. She added, “I fed Seblework exclusively breast milk for the first six months. Then I kept feeding Seblework vegetables and other food items that were available at home to make her nutrition balanced, like they taught us in the training. Seblework is so much stronger and healthier than her older