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Ways to Give

Charitable giving is simply a gift made by an individual or an organization to a nonprofit organization, charity or private foundation. Charitable donations are commonly in the form of cash, but can also take the form of real estate, motor vehicles, appreciated securities, clothing and other assets or services.

Some ways you can give include:

Actions Speak Loud

Volunteering can be a painless way to give back to the community, especially if you do it with your family or a group of friends. If you aren’t sure whether you’d rather work at your local food kitchen or perform lifesaving surgeries with Mercy Ships, there are lots of excellent resources to help you find the best charity match for you.  Credit @realsimple

Employee Matching Programs

Get free money for your charitable donations through work—many corporations will match their employees’ donations up to 100 percent, which means double the impact. If your firm offers this unique opportunity to make your money go twice as far for a cause you believe in – why not take advantage of it?

Donor Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund functions almost as a charitable savings account; donors get the same tax benefit they would receive with a gift to a food bank or homeless shelter, but the money is often held in the fund indefinitely and invested. Though the charitable organization managing the fund technically controls the money, donors recommend what nonprofits should get gifts and when — recommendations that are routinely followed.

Planned Giving

A planned gift is a contribution that is arranged in the present and allocated at a future date. Commonly donated through a will or trust, planned gifts are most often granted once the donor has passed away.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is an easy and efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to charities through payroll contributions. For the charity, even a small pledge from an employee makes an impact when it is increased by the employer's matching funds.